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About Us Page


As a shop established in 2020, it was started with a deep passion and obsession with writing blogs about electronics, home improvements, and lifestyle products, which later on expanded to sell the best collections at affordable prices, and that lead to the creation of Raqmie.

We make ceaseless efforts to present you with a special delivery coupled with the most affordable bargains. We appreciate our clients, and we are always striving to offer the highest quality at every opportunity.


Raqmie’s main aim is to make it possible for everyone to get the latest and most amazing home items at a great price. We’d also like to spread the word about the newest home items that could drastically alter your living space. Raqmie is the place for you, the customer, to find the perfect range of products to customize your collection based on your style!

We try our best to customize your online shopping experience in a personal way by offering a wide range of options for all people who have a passion for home DIY products.

We strive to accommodate our collections and products to the widest assortment of people from various cultures. We don’t cater to just one person or one background, and we want to inspire our clients to look for new ways to innovate and create new designs.


Raqmie has a wide range of items, including kitchen appliances, smartwatches to look your best on every occasion, security system products to ensure your protection, binoculars for sight-seeing, and a tripod for your camera to always take fantastic pictures, along with many other things… Raqmie is on your side, and we’ve got everything you’ll ever need!


Raqmie provides you with a comprehensive online experience that links you to the latest stories, trends, and styles in the world of design by supplying you with exclusive products.

We are committed to excellence and the most informative customer care 

We want the best for our customers, so we’re offering a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on your entire shopping experience with Raqmie!


Keep up with our latest updates, articles, and products, and follow us on social media.

Our enthusiasm assures the smoothest process to purchase and making our service operate beyond weekdays. We’re here for you 24/7.

Make sure to contact us, and thank you for visiting our shop!

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